TNT Boutique National Marketing Director:
Tina Cain
I am "that girl" you can count on that has you covered from head-to-toe regardless of your size (be it petite or plus size... I have been both in my life... and either end of that spectrum can suck when you are trying to express yourself in the "department store version" of one-size-fits-all... BS.)

I aim to hook you up with choices that allow you to flaunt a feature or conceal a concern in my Red Carpet Service online boutique with options I stand behind - and you will always be able to speak to me directly about anything you are eyeing. I am motivated by offering real-world ease and comfort in the dizzying world of fashion.

Being online will allow me to serve you, while also serving my quest to live a life of making memories with my family and plugging in to also serve those that are suffering from the pains & punishments from eating disorders and victims of sexual abuse... both of which I also have experienced in my life.

For women who also want the financial freedom that will release them from the choke-hold of debt that suffocates every aspiration they have to fully embrace their "what-nexts" I avail myself to answer any questions you have about your own pursuit of an online fashion business that will allow you to positively effect the women in your circles of influence

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Barbara K.
"I LOVE my strapless cami! 
It’s very comfortable!
Tina was great at helping me get the right fit & style. 
Service was great, cami arrived in less than a week. 
I definitely recommend Tina!!"
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